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DJs need to rely on a lot of essential and good quality equipment to perform at events. To perform and deliver an extraordinary audio experience to audiences, they need PA speakers along with a laptop, a strong mixer, and other stuff. They need to focus on technical specifications along with the amplifier functions of the speakers.  

PA speakers come in different varieties and price ranges. A DJ will ensure to check that the music they play reaches the audience as intended. Apart from focusing on the mixers and decks, they will have to carefully choose when they buy, PA speaker 15 inch online or 12-inch ones.

12-inch v/s 15 inch PA speakers- Which Perform Better

One needs to know the technical specifications of speakers before investing their hard-earned money into PA speakers. You can differentiate between the various type of speakers based on some technical grounds. The exact needs of a musician depend upon what they wish to accomplish. We have listed the elements one should consider before they buy portable PA speakers.

High Frequency

For a speaker to produce crisp and clear sound for the audience, they need to have high frequencies. High frequencies enable fantastic audibility and excellent audio clarity experience. 

Both 12 inch and 15 inch PA speakers usually have the same frequency, but 15-inch speakers lack articulation and can be boomy. Also Portable Dj Speakers should be considered when shopping for a PA system and review our powered speakers for events and gigs.


Woofers assist in producing low frequencies to be heard by the audience, while a subwoofer or a tweeter produces higher frequencies. Bigger the speaker, the better, the lower frequencies to produce in-depth sound. If you wish to purchase  A 12-inch speaker, it will usually have a 12” Full range woofer 30Oz, 50mmV.C., 8 Ohm while if you prefer a PA speaker 15 inch online, they will have 15” Full range woofer 50Oz, 50mmV.C., 8 Ohm. 


The power wattage of a speaker makes a massive difference to the sound outcomes. When you buy portable PA speakers, you need to consider your needs, whether buying for home purposes or big events or ceremonies. Bigger the venues, the more the requirement of power. 

Peak music power output for 12-inch speakers and 15-inch speakers usually goes around 2000 Watts.

MP3, LCD Display

One should prefer the speakers which come with MP3 function, Bluetooth function, and LCD display. You need to check at the stores whether the speakers you purchase have the following functions.

The choice between 12 inch and 15-inch speakers varies according to your needs and requirements. If you wish to buy a 15-inch speaker, we would recommend you to go ahead with our JGA 4015P-PA Speakers system. If you require a 12-inch speaker, you may go ahead and purchase our JGA 3012P-12 Inch PA Speakers systems Pair. 

JGA electronics is a pioneer in the niche of electronics, and we got the best deals for you. Contact us today for more information on our services for electronics.

Bass sound

Bass is one of the most essential elements while looking for speakers. Heavy speakers produce bass lines that are easy to hear. The larger the speaker box, the more will be the bass output. 15-inch speakers are boomier as compared to 12-inch speakers. 

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