12 VS 15 inch; what PA Speaker Size Should You Buy?

Hello everyone; this is JGA electronics.

This article is a different kind of article. I’ve noticed various questions forum DJs or standard DJs people planning into the teachers. It’s all about what speaker they should buy and what controller I should buy.

What’s mixed early? How much was she charged as a DJ? So, I decided what to do now instead of answering those questions. Those are all the questions in an arc regarding DJ music. PA Speakers controllers and mixers. And it’s in general as linked to the DJ could be anything, even from price lists or pressing or using the sync button. Use the sync button now; we’ll discuss that another day. I’m just saying we’ll discuss it, so the question was which speakers this DJ should use, but he thought maybe we should go for a 15-inch or 12-inch speaker.


You can see all the tutorials made about PA speakers, and I think in five or six of them, there are also some reviews about speakers and everything the speakers of purchase. I have these various ones; you see them right there, so let’s answer a better question, 15 or 12 inches?

This fear is a JGA ELECTRONICS 15-inch active speaker unless money is the one-inch dynamic speaker. Now I’m going to answer this question simply if an appliance by swap offer get it 12 inches; if you are not planning to buy a subwoofer then buy if you’ve seen in speakers you can see simply you buy any soap offer buy to avenge not buy any soap offer by 15 inches if you buy 12 inches or 10 inches speaker and you do not add a subwoofer to it you would not have enough base in your events when you’re doing things and be guests you have their little swallow up your

Sound with your body changes now.

I’ll break it down if you’ve seen this because it has a bigger loofah; so, does it fit in each day? When you play your music, it can vibrate more air around it. I need to give it more punch when this shakes with the torrent; you won’t get as much energy as this.

The price difference between them is about 50 to 70 pounds. Suppose you need your critical here in weights. If 15 inches Elizabeth is heavier than 12 inches here regards to dB this is just 134 DB; and this is 132 dB so 2 dB, now most people tend to say when it comes to the clarity of this sound the 12-inch sings when I say sing I mean sound, basically sings more than the 15 inches, and it’s straightforward. The 15-inch is dedicating much power to this woofer. The 12-inch is not getting as much energy.


Just have a little passion for the woofer, so what should you do if you buy it so poorly, as I said, by 12 inches? If you’re not purchasing a woofer and accept the speakers alone, buy the 15 inches. You need to remember too if you want to add it, so prefer to this, later on, is advisable; it’s not the rule of thumb to buy an 18 inches woofer. All right, I’m going to say you can say 15 inches woofer with this; but it is usually advisable to buy an 18-inch subwoofer. So, the simple answer – is buy 12 inches or buy 15 inches. You can choose according to your personal needs. If you have any other questions. regarding each, as I said, drop them in the comment section below.

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