One of the most important pieces of equipment for any DJ is a speaker. Speakers for practicing, speakers for playing music, speakers for performing, and most importantly, listening to music. 

Moreover, hearing our music properly is one of the vital things for becoming a good DJ. However, for practicing, producing, listening, and performing, we need different types of speakers. It may become confusing to choose as well as there is overlap between the different types. 
Speakers for DJ Practice

While practicing, DJs mostly prefer loud and near field music. Although your laptop speakers can work with software, they are not going to be loud enough. Having said that, computer speakers can actually do the work if you purchase separate plug-in speakers. As they are guaranteed to be zero latency, they are thought to be the best for gamers and people who would observe any audio lags on speakers. Therefore, this makes them good for DJs as well. As these speakers sit on the desk, they are bound to be very close to your ears, which is an advantage for beat mixing. 

Computer speakers won’t give you a highly accurate audio response. But as they are pretty good for your money, they can be used for DJ practice. 
Speakers for Producing Music

Apart from volume and speakers, accuracy is the most important thing when it comes to music production. You would want your portable DJ speaker to play the music to you as it sounds; because this is how you will know how it is going to sound to anyone else. This is why a pair of studio monitors cost more than a pair of DJ speakers, as they produce a flat frequency response. If you are serious about making music, get the best you can afford; however, taking time to prepare your room is equally important.
Speakers for Performing

If it’s time to play a party, you just grab your home speakers and get going. However, this way, you will damage your speakers which are not even made to do this job. To perform in public, you need speakers that are designed for this job. PA systems would be a good choice for the job as they may work well. Moreover, you should also get the best wire gauge for speakers online as they will help in carrying a cleaner signal from the gear to the speakers. 
Speakers for Listening or Discovery

If you wish to discover new music, the idea is to have speakers everywhere to get the music playing on. To weave music into every corner of your life, you can go ahead with speakers such as a voice control speaker system, a multi-room speaker system or speakers with Bluetooth. 

Planning to start as a DJ? Connect with JGA electronics to explore a wide range of equipment for an enticing performance. Whether you require a portable DJ speaker or a wire gauge, we offer it all. Visit our website to browse our collection. 

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