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Speaker wires may look like a dull, annoying component that just makes your room look dirty. But, the role of a speaker wire is a lot more important than just making your room messier. The ‘ least-appreciated component plays a very crucial role in an audio system. Although these wires do not possess any digital layouts or modern appearances, however, if chosen and installed properly- they do their job as designed. 

Poor quality or a mismatch in the speaker wires can result in the audio or visual installation into a disappointment; delivering a low sound experience. Therefore, we’ve incorporated the properties of this component to help you select the right speaker wire for our system.

Properties of a Speaker Wire

The role of a speaker wire is to transfer analog audio from amplifiers to speakers. This transfer of audio is accomplished through the low-voltage electrical current, which is conducted through these speaker wires. A speaker wire should enable the current to pass from one end to the other so that the complete range and power of the audio can reach the speakers. Therefore, you should use wires which reduce resistance to the passage of electricity. Below listed are three properties into the resistance of a speaker wire-


The thickness of a wire is directly proportional to the space available for the electrons to pass through; therefore, a thick wire offers less resistance to the electrical signal. The thickness of a speaker wire is measured in terms of gauge, which is abbreviated as AWG, short for American Wire Gauge. Thereby, the lower the gauge, the thicker the speaker wire. For example, a 14 gauge speaker wire is thicker than an 18 gauge one and offers less resistance to audio signals. 

Length of wire

As the electrons have to pass through long wires, resistance increases simultaneously with the length of the wire. You may not be able to differentiate the performance of relatively short wires. However, when the length of the wire gets up to 50 or 100 feet, there is an increase in the resistance, and the quality of the audio starts dissipating. Therefore thicker wires should be used to compensate for longer runs. 


We all know there are some materials that are better conductors of electricity. Copper is referred to as the best conductor of electricity. It is acknowledged as the standard for speaker wires and the best choice. Several wires are made of oxygen-free copper, which does not contract or expand with heat and offers higher audio performance. Therefore you should only prefer copper wires while purchasing the best wire gauge for speakers online.

Key takeaway

In order to get the best gauge, it is essential to buy 100% copper speaker cables. Apart from this, it is recommended that you don’t use wires longer than is needed, and the gauge should be optimal for the task.  

Now that you’ve understood how to purchase the best speaker wires for your portable DJ speaker, what keeps you waiting? Connect with JGA Electronics to purchase the best wires at an affordable price today. 

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