If you wish to buy DJ equipment and if you are a beginner, then here is a blog that is curated only for you. Before you make a purchase for a DJ sound system onlinecheck this guide out and get products that will suit you the best. This way, you will get your hands on the best products and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Polish Your Skills First 

As the age-old saying goes “Practice makes Perfect”, it is essential for you to first do practice at home. While it is all fun and games when it comes to spending time mixing music but if you do not have the budget for something new, you can book practice in studios. Instead of making a dramatic difference to your DJ course with a new DJ setup, being a beginner, you should practice at studios where you can get access to great DJ equipment. 

Set Up Options For Beginners Like You

DJ Controller 

One of the most favorite choices of beginners when they begin mixing is Controllers. Not only are they cheap but are also the fastest to set up. You can have a swift control over it with your laptop. With DJ controllers, you need just another couple of things Headphones, Speakers, and Laptop or Desktop


Most of the dedicated vinyl DJs use an exemplary set of turntables. With a pair of turntables, you will need a DJ Mixer, Cartridges and needles, Speakers, headphones, Records, and slipmats.

Some DJs who are just starting out are also interested in DVS – Digital Vinyl System. This allows the DJs to use turntables in mixing digital tracks with the help of their laptops by controlling software on them. For DVS, laptops, DVS Soundcard, and DVS Records are additionally needed. You can buy DJ speakers online and find the complete equipment at nominal rates online. 

CDJ – Mixer Set Up

This is a rather expensive route as choosing a separate piece set up is way more expensive. But there is an added benefit to it that you can easily upgrade the sections of your equipment without having to completely replace it when the need be. This setup includes a Laptop, Pair of CDJ, Speakers, DJ Mixer, USB Stick, and Headphones.

If you are a DJ beginning your career in DJing and looking for an ideal DJ Speaker System, JGA Electronics has just the right range of DJ equipment for you. Check out the complete range of speakers, accessories, equipment at our online store and invest in a product that suits you the best!

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