When going for a speaker system, we look for one that is a complete package. If you too are looking for one such device them consider buying Portable PA speakersThey are a perfect portable, party PA System. If you buy this you get a package that has almost everything you need for a proficient PA setup to get the party started and keep it moving.

The items you get include two 15″ PA/DJ speakers, one of these would be active and other passive. The active speaker has a built-in amplifier this is beneficial to power the passive speaker. A 20′ Speaker cable to connect the two speakers is also available. Together put out an amazing 1600 watts of power. Along with the basics, you also get a pair of Speaker Stands, a power-packed Wireless Microphone, a tested Remote Control and a Power Cable as well.

This package is absolutely all-in-one and has everything one desires. The amp on the active speaker has built-in Bluetooth, USB, SD, FM and numerous other functions. 

What are perfect choices for indoor or outdoor parties? 

  • Pair of 15″ Speakers along with a Pair of Speaker Stands, Wireless Microphone, 20′ Speaker Speaker Cable, Power Cord, Bluetooth Remote Control.
  • Power Rating as high as 500 Watts RMS; 1000 Watts Program; 2000 Watts Peak
  • Class A/B High Powered Amplifier with 15 Inch Woofer, a 30 oz Magnet and 2 Inch Voice Coil per Cabinet 
  • Nominal Impedance of 4 Ohms and great Frequency Response is also offered with as Sensitivity of 98 dB
  • Moreover, you get a Built-In Bluetooth, USB (2.0)/SD/MMC/MP3 | FM Built-in
  • Wireless Remote Included controlling MP3 functions
  • Wireless VHF Microphone Include 260.3 mHz Range
  • Injection Polypropylene Enclosure with side handle

You must, however, ensure to purchase from a reliable place. A lot depends on the quality you have. If you are looking for a reliable place then your hunt is over because the one-stop online store has it all. 

You can purchase a DJ speaker system and other items with special discounts on specific gadgets following certain terms and conditions. World-class quality gadgets are available at an adequate price which is not readily offered anywhere else. 

Get the best and tested gadgets delivered to the doorstep effortlessly. All the items are verified and trusted to be used. After an intense and comprehensive inspection, the gadgets are delivered to the buyers.

Also, the products are properly packed to avoid any breakage. Most of the items have a guarantee. In case there is a fault that you observe within a stated period, you get the gadgets exchanged or repaired without any additional cost. 

You also get complete customer support. You can reach the team at any hour to get assistance. You are also offered additional installation services by a team of experts who also explain the process in-depth to encourage the client. 

So if it is about purchasing similar things, do not worry and reach the best!

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