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Achieving high-quality live sound sometimes can be a challenge. The kind of PA speaker you choose will determine if you are mixing to make something sound good or if you will struggle to solve sound-reinforcement problems. There are three categories of PA systems- Personal PA, Medium-Sized PA, and Full-Scale PA.

Personal Pas includes a single speaker or mini speaker collection, which serves as main speakers and monitors. Medium-sized PA consists of a pair of stand-mounted speakers on one side along with monitor wedges. A full-scale PA sound system includes multi-speaker arrays and a complex monitoring system. We at JGA Electronics created this guide to provide you with information that you will need when you are planning to shop for a portable DJ Speaker since there are so many things for you to consider, below listed are a few of the important stuff that we covered here which will help you choose the right PA speakers for such situation.


Without getting into the math of how to determine the acoustics or air volume in the room, being able to classify how much space you need to fill is a great way to start. Both volume of a room and the shape combined with the number of people will help you understand what type of speaker setup will be an ideal choice. If you are playing at a larger venue or outdoor show, considering room acoustic will not make any sense. You will be required to base your choice on how many people you will be playing for. You can find quality PA speaker stands that will work wonders for you. 


If you are a musician or a DJ, managing to produce and deliver your own sound system, we can guarantee that you will be much happier playing through powered speakers. Those who are running a rapidly growing production studio/company may want to prefer the flexible and passive sound system. You should know that your workflow determines which one is the best. If you are not sure which one will be best for you, call up our professionals at JGA Electronics to discuss the details.


In any live sound case, it sounds rich and more vibrant with a full-range performance by adding a subwoofer to your system. But the question strikes in the head, do I really do it? If your sound system is mainly for Acappella gig or spoken word that you may not need one. However, if you are playing for a larger audience or at a live gig, then getting a subwoofer will work in your favor. 

We at JGA Electronics are committed to producing and delivering affordable and best-quality sound systems. We bring you a range of PA speaker stands, systems, woofers, and more. 

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