Speakers do not come with wires and it’s totally on us to select the right wire gauge and the type of wire that best suits your system. Here is what you need to look for to select the best wire gauge for speakers online

Wire thickness must be kept in mind

Wire thickness is a crucial factor. Wires have a gauge number that can be used to decide what thickness is the most suitable. The shorter the gauge number, the thicker the cable. Coarser wire presents less resistance to current.

Thick wire is recommended for lengthy wire needs, huge power applications, and low-impedance speakers. While for short runs to 8-ohm speakers, a wire of around 16 gauge would do. It is also cost-effective and susceptible.

Keep in mind the length required

Selecting the length will help you determine which speaker wire you need. You can check it by taking a string from your receiver to each of the speaker locations. Measure the string, and then add a few extra feet to ensure the you cover the slacks.

Wire terminals 

Speakers have one of two kinds of wire terminals 

  • spring clips
  • And binding posts 

Spring clips are simple to work with. Just press down on the clip, plop the speaker wire, and release. The holds the wire in place and can abide bare wire and pin connectors but do not accept spade connectors, banana plugs, or dual-banana plugs.

Binding posts on the other hand deliver a solid connection for your speaker wire. You can Unscrew the collar to disclose the hole to attach bare wire and pin connectors.

Select the right type

You can buy speaker wire with connectors or even without them. However, Attaching bare wire ends to a speaker in a real pain.  

CL rated wire for in-wall

If speaker wires is to be placed inside your walls them you need a UL-rated speaker wire labelled CL2 or CL3. The in-wall wire is available with two or four conductors. With a 4-conductor cable, you pull a single cable over the long length from your amplifier to the in-wall volume control in another room. 2-conductor cables from the volume control to each of the stereo speakers can also be used. Use 4-conductor wiring volume controls, or for stereo speakers. Pull 4-conductor wire to an in-wall volume control or a stereo-input speaker.

Direct burial wire

For outdoor speaker wire underground, you need wire rated for direct burial. These wires work more effectively in comparison to CL rated wires for underground purposes with ease and comfort.So if you wish to purchase the best wire gauge for speakers online then you must directlylook for  DJ Speaker System which are of the best quality and are not just reliable but also cost-effective at the same time. You also get recommendations from experts to purchase the wire that best matches your requirement.

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