Here’s Why You should Go for Powered PA Speakers Instead of Passive Speakers

You may have seen numerous people debate on the internet whether Powered PA speakers are better or whether Passive speakers are the best choice for live music performances. 

Given that we live in a world of audiophiles and the fact that people like to be meticulous about such stuff, the debate is never going to end. For the rest of the people who do not have su ch insane knowledge about the intricacies of sound, we need to contemplate a clear response as to whether we will invest in powered or unpowered speakers. We just don’t have time to wait for someone to figure out which is “technically” better. 

So Here are Three Reasons Why you Should Purchase Powered PA Speakers instead of Unpowered Ones-

  1. No additional Power Amps are required for Powered PA speakers- Whilst purchasing Powered  PA Speakers will cost you more money than their counterparts, this will help you save money on power amps. It is always recommended to have as little equipment as you require to do the job. So, why need twice the equipment to get the same task done if powered speakers can do just as well as passive speakers/power amps? Moreover, you put yourself in danger of more equipment failure if you use more equipment, which is never a good thing. If you have four powered speakers in use for a show and one of them fails, your show will not be spoiled. Sure, you’ll lose some sound, but you’ll be able to keep going even if you don’t have a backup. However, if you have four passive speakers and your power amplifier fails, your entire concert is ruined.
  2. Powered PA speakers don’t burn out your Mixer- If you try to utilize a powered mixer, you’re putting yourself at a double chance of failing. Not only is there a chance of the mixer failing, but the power amps inside the mixer could also fail. However, if you use an unpowered mixer with powered speakers, the odds of your mixer blowing are much reduced.
  3. Utilize Powered Speakers- the power amps have been carefully tuned to that specific speaker by the manufacturer. That means your speakers are receiving the exact amount of power they require. As a result, your speakers produce a more powerful, cleaner sound, which you can hear in the mix!

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