Wire gauges might just seem like an annoying set of wires that are just used to run the speakers. Of course, they do create a mess around the room or the stage, but one still has to choose wisely and decide on the specifications of the wires required for their speaker sound system. Whether you buy speaker wire online or from the store, it is essential to consider certain factors before purchasing a wire gauge for speakers. While you purchase DJ Speaker systems they do not come with wires, so one has to purchase them themselves. 

Selecting the best wire gauge for speakers is not a very tough task, but indeed an exciting one. Choosing from a wide range of wires available online according to your requirements for the best sound effects can be pretty amazing.

A speaker wire connects the amplifier to the set of speakers. The amplifier then sends an electrical current audio signal to power the speaker driver, which is how sound is produced.

It depends upon the thickness and the type of wire required for a specific set of speakers owned by an individual. While you buy speaker wire online, you should keep in mind that wire thickness is defined by its AWG number, also known as the American Wire Gauge number. Now, the lower the gauge number, for example, 12,14,16, or 18 gauge, the thicker the wire.

For high-power applications and low-impedance speakers of 4 or 6 ohms, thick wires ( 12 and 14 gauge) are recommended. 16 gauge wire works perfectly for a short run (50 feet) to 8-ohm speakers.

What Is the Length Required?

To figure out how much wire you require for your speaker system, you can run a string from the amplifier’s location to each speaker’s location. This way, you can measure the length required for the wire gauge. Do not forget to measure some extra feet of wire to save some slack for an easier connection at different locations.

Type of Wires Required

While considering buying the best wire gauge for speakers online, it is essential to pay attention to the type of wires. Some wires do not come with connectors, and it is quite messy and tough to connect bare wires into the speakers’ receivers. One can buy the banana connectors as they come best in the range for speakers. The type of wire also depends on whether you want to run the speaker wires inside the walls or ceiling, or install outdoor speakers underground. 

Specifications Of A Good  Speaker Wire 

  1. Speaker wire should have a core with less resistance. Copper wires are the best since they are excellent conductors of electricity.
  2. A good speaker wire should have low capacitance and inductance.
  3. The speaker wire should be flexible as it makes it easy to install it in tight places.
  4. The wire should have durable installation outside the core. Durable installation protects the core from electrical interference and oxidation. 

Now that you are familiar with which wire you require to produce some pretty good sounds from your speaker systems, you need to decide where you should buy the best wire gauge for speakers online. Portable Dj Speakers should be considered when shopping for a PA system and review our favorite powered speakers for events and gigs. Have a look at Our range of speaker wires including-

1. JGA 10Ft To 33Ft Audio Cord 10 AWG-SPEAKON To 6.35(1/4 In) , Professional Speaker Cable With 2 Twist Locks-Single.

2. JGA 10Ft To 98Ft Audio Cord 10 AWG-SPEAKON To SPEAKON, Professional Speaker Cable With 2 Twist Locks-Single.

You can contact JGA Electronics for the best wire gauge for your speakers at fair prices.

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