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Purchasing the right DJ loudspeaker can be a daunting task- since there are so many models to choose from and all come with different configurations. With types of sound systems- Active and Passive small and big ones, and the ones that have built-in mixers, it can be challenging to find and purchase the right model. In case you already have your heart hooked on a pair, properly setting them up is itself is a task. 

Before we discuss how to purchase or pick the right DJ speaker system, let’s understand what are active and passive speakers.

 Loudspeakers come in two forms- active and passive. Active Speakers have an in-built amplifier with many benefits which gives the speaker portability. This means, they are a lot easier to lung around and set them up. Passive Speakers, on the other hand, require a separate amplified that are affordable than active models. However, you will need to get yourself an amplifier, which may increase the price significantly. This also means setting up and breakdowns will take a lot of your time.

So, how do we choose the right speaker system?

Consider the Loudspeakers’ Size

Loudspeakers are available in different sizes meant for different uses. Loudspeaker for DJing usually ranges between 8” to 16”-if you are a professional musician or DJ, small-sized speakers will not provide suitably loud sound. You need to think about the right dimensions of the space where your gig will be, also the number of people you will be playing for. You must choose large loudspeakers for a larger audience or a bigger venue.

Consider the Weight

When we choose quality loudspeaker and subwoofers, you may not notice at first but they are quite heavy. Lugging them around needs equipment such as the dolly pictured. The heavier the loudspeaker, the sturdier it will be. There is a correlation between weight and price, although, with new materials and production techniques, you may find some exceptions. Loudspeakers that provide better sound and excellent performance usually are heavy in weight and prevent the speaker from vibrating too much.

Configure the size of the room and type of music

For added low-end reinforcement in larger venues, you may want to consider adding a subwoofer or maybe two when setting up. This will give you that heavy thump and power to your sound. This will work wonders, especially if you will be playing dance, House/Techno, or Electronic Dance Music. Whatever you choose, it is advised to consider the size of the audience and the type of music you will be playing.  

Keep these in mind when choosing the DJ sound system. Browse at JGA Electronics as we bring you a range of all-in-one speaker system, DJ speakers, audio cables, and more. 

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