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So, you bought your favorite set of speakers? Excited? Whether it is a center-based or surround-sound speaker that needs to be set up for that perfect home theatre experience. Or are you looking for the basic channel to connect your speakers to your computer? What you don’t realize is that not all speakers come with cables, and you need speaker wires to bridge the gap between speaker and source.

In this post, you will understand the importance of wire gauge, to summarize, bad cable or wire equals the bad quality of sound. A person often spends a good amount of money on a great set of speakers to enjoy an excellent sound quality, which can be ruined if you choose to connect through bad cables. Many wonders, when you purchase a great set of speakers do buying the right wire gauge really matter? Well, Yes.

How can you do that? Figure out what type of wire you need?

You can purchase speaker wire with or without connectors. If you are buying wire that is without a connector, we urge you to buy banana-shaped connectors. Remember, attaching bare wire ends to a home theatre system can be frustrating.

If you are planning to run speaker wire through the ceiling or walls, you should consider getting a UL-rated speaker wire. If you wish to install outdoor speaker wire through the ground, you may need wire rated for direct installation. You can ask our professionals to get more information on the same.
If you planning to run it through the walls, there are two conductors or even four, with a four-conductor cable, you pull a single wire from your amplifier or receiver to the in-volume control in the other room over the long distance.

Are high-end speaker wires worthy?

Yes, they are, as discussed earlier, purchasing cheap or bad quality wires for speakers will deliver bad quality, which you obviously wouldn’t like. You can browse our range at JGA Electronics as we offer the best wire gauge for speakers online.

What are the two types of speaker wire terminals?

Spring Clips: Easy to handle. All you have to do is press down on the clip, insert the wire, and release. The spring-loaded feature holds the wire in the right place. The terminals accept bare as well as pin connectors.

Binding Posts: This is another one that offers a solid connection for wire, unscrew the collar to reveal the hole which is used for connecting bare wire and pin connectors.

Now that you know all the basics and importance, browse our extensive range to buy the best quality wire gauge for your speaker set. You can buy DJ speakers online at JGA Electronics.

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