Want to buy portable PA speakers but don’t know what to keep in mind while purchasing one? If so, then you are in the right place. Choosing the right PA system to give an enthralling sound experience to the audience is not easy. Therefore, to help you get through this- here’s a guide that comprises the top 3 questions you should ask yourself while purchasing a portable DJ speaker. Take a look –

Do you require Powered or unpowered speakers? 

Active speakers or Powered speakers are referred to as an all in one solution because they have an amplifier built into the speaker cabinet. Active speakers are the best option if you require a portable speaker or do not have room to carry an amplifier. Although putting in the amplifier can be a compromise and may not please everyone; however, it’s convenient and filled with numerous features.

Passive speakers or unpowered speakers are designed in a way that amplifiers can be connected to them. As the design of the speaker is not compromised, the performance offered is often superior. Moreover, with this type of speaker, you can have complete control of the tone as you can amplify the mid/top range and sub-bass independently. Usually, it’s much easier to add your speakers to a passive system, and the reliability offered is also better. 

How much power do you require? 

Live music- If you have a rock band, then you will require around 1500 watts of total power as a minimum to play in a medium-sized club. Whereas a pop or a jazz group may require around 250-750 watts of power. 

Recorded music- While 2000 watts of subwoofers to every 1000 of mid or top is sufficient for up to 1000 people inside a hall, twice the sound will be needed. 

How many speakers should I use? 

The number of speakers to be used depends on their impedance and the amplifier. When you pair your power amp with the speakers, you are required to match the ohm rating. However, these requirements will depend on whether you wire multiple speakers in series or parallel effects. 

If you wire a speaker system in parallel, it will lead to a decrease in the number of ohms, and thus resistance. Usually, a two way PA speaker is rated at 8 ohms. However, in case you wire two speakers in parallel, the impedance will be 4 ohms; for three, it will be about 2.67 ohms, and four will have 2 ohms. While a smaller impedance rating will mean that the electricity is flowing more easily, some amps are not able to handle a 2-ohm load. Therefore, ensure to consult your manual before connecting with a speaker. 

On the contrary, wiring a system in series will lead to an increase in the impedance as the ohms will be added together to create more resistance. So, if you are planning to wire two 8 ohm speakers in series, the load will be 16 ohms. 

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