Speakers are a critical piece of gear every DJ studio needs. The amazing mixes you put together to fill your room or venue will require efficient speakers that do your hard work justice. Thus, it is important to make the correct choice when you wish to buy DJ speakers online.

There are a vast number of options available when it comes to DJ speakers. However, there is some essential difference you should be aware of when setting up your DJ studio. While you may think it would cost a pretty penny on speakers depending on the setup and your needs, it might not always be the case. Before you select the perfect speakers, we’ve enlisted the most popular types of speakers to help you make the best choice. Have a look-

Powered DJ Speakers

These are often referred to as active speakers. Powered DJ speakers have inbuilt amplifiers, and fewer cables are required for connecting with the mixer. When choosing a powered speaker, keep three things into consideration – sound quality, design & build, and rating. Have an insight into these specifications before you head to buy powered DJ speakers, so you have some knowledge up your sleeve. 

Passive DJ Speakers

Passive DJ Speakers require a separate amplifier to function and produce sound. They are appropriate for big venues since you can connect separate audio equipment to amplify the sound. However, you may need to connect a subwoofer, music player or mixer to the speaker. Apart from this, passive speakers have numerous advantages. The main advantage is that these speakers do not overheat, which helps in reducing the rate of depreciation. Also, maintaining the components of passive speakers is easier than those of powered ones (as their components are inbuilt). Do not forget to look out for the size, power rating, and SPL when you buy DJ speakers online

Dj Speakers By use

These comprise subwoofers, main speakers, and monitor speakers. While the subwoofers playback low sound frequency, monitor speakers keep track of the sound. Through a monitor speaker, you can learn more about your progress and the areas that need to be worked on for improvement. So if you wish to buy these speakers, go for a brand that offers high-quality in the same. 


While selecting a speaker, most DJs consider sound quality, their needs, budg,et and the venue. But, it is also important to focus on your audience and use the right speakers to deliver a good sound experience. DJs are aware of the fact that audio equipment plays a major role in a good performance. 

A small research on the specifications and minute details of speakers can help you get the best for your events. And, now that we have elaborated on the types of speakers, you can easily identify and make a choice. So if you are looking forward to purchasing the DJ Speaker systems, or any other ones, JGA Electronics can help you. We have a vast range of speakers to help you with whatever you need. Connect with us to make a purchase today. 

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