An acronym used for public address system – PA system, is an Electronic amplification system often used for public announcements, loudspeakers, and more! There are various parts to it, and although each system is unique, they all perform the same fundamental functions:

  • Using microphones or line inputs to convert acoustic sound into electrical signals.
  • The use of mixing boards and effect modules to process, and blend the electrical signals.
  • Using a power amplifier to boost signals.
  • Using speakers to produce a loud sound.
  • In-ear or speaker monitors for performance monitoring

When it comes to public address systems, one of the most critical considerations is, “How much power is required?” The mixer’s low-level signals are amplified by the power amp and sent to the speakers through the speakers. When it comes to how many watts you need, there are several aspects to consider. From the performance venue to the audience size, you need to consider all this and more.

Remember, that the power estimates are only generalizations; challenging performance locations and music with a lot of dynamic range may demand much more power.

Should you opt for a Powered PA system or an unpowered PA System?        

One important feature that distinguishes a Powered PA system from an unpowered PA system is the mixers feature built-in amplification. In the case of powered systems, the onboard amplification is ample, whereas unpowered systems need extra power amps.

Powered mixers are simpler to travel with, less complicated to set up, and more affordable. However, they may not be as powerful as a solo amplifier, thus they wouldn’t be able to handle huge crowds. When it comes to fine-tuning the sound, powered mixers tend to have a lower level of control and precision than non-powered mixers. You can buy portable pa speakers save money and get better audio experience through virtual walls of sound, intended to blast audio to millions.

It may also be less cost-effective to acquire powered mixers if you want to update your PA system. Because when upgrading any component, you will have to buy a new mixer and amplifier. 

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  • JGA 12PA55-PA speakers system, 12 Inch powered speakers 2-way 1800W
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  • JGA-510CL 10 Inch Subwoofer PA Speaker System – Portable Line-Array Column, All-in-One Design

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