PA Speaker stands

Pop music is made to be played on the home stereo system. However, wouldn’t it be better to use the same kind of high-quality speaker for mixing and monitoring? Recording professionals look for quality monitor speakers for their studio. Ever wonder why? Well, here are some reasons why. 

Let’s first discuss the technical differences- home stereo or Hi-Tech speakers are usually “passive” speakers, which means they need external power through an amplifier with speaker outputs. While studio monitors have a few exceptions, ‘active’ and ‘powered’ speakers, which means, the amplifier will come built-in the speaker cabinet. So, through connecting to a line source with volume control. But how can you tell if a speaker is passive or active? While active speakers provide ample benefits, they entail many power amplifiers. The woofer, the tweeter, and even the mid-range speaker- provide a dynamic sound. A quick way to check is that an active or powered sound system must contain a mains inlet. 

You can consider getting a PA speaker stands to create a quality sound. When musicians or professionals listen to music, they prefer enjoying the music as they have a different mindset than average music consumers. All they want is to enjoy the music while loving every beat, it doesn’t really matter if the sound hits accurately. Well, what matters is the listener’s subjective impression. Many high-tech speakers or sound systems boost the sound to be powerful and crisp. 

Musicians, Professional DJs, engineers, and producers want something different- they need to listen to the clear sound. Therefore, you need to invest in speakers that can add extra sugar and hide no imperfections. You want to address all the issues before you play it for the gig or outside the studio. To have speakers that can provide detailed sound- you must invest in quality and high-fi speakers. 

So, how can you find the right pair of studio monitor speakers? When you are out to shop studio monitors, try not to trap yourself with the genuine consumer mentality. If a dealer is trying to sell you a studio monitor playing a CD or that is recorded well, avoid falling for it. How can you judge the speaker if the speaker fails to reveal flaws? You may end up purchasing a pair of speakers that sound impressive.

Visit JGA Electronics to browse our extensive range and buy the best quality All in one pa system. Understand the fact that home stereo speakers may appear ideal but since they are usually passive, you will need to connect them to an external power amplifier for better sound. However, studio monitors have powered speakers and come with a built-in power amplifier into the cabinet. Now that you know the basics, make your choice!

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