If you don’t already know, let us enlighten you with wisdom… finding a portable PA system can be overwhelming due to the plethora of options available! A portable PA speaker is an all-in-one solution, it is a portable, battery-powered speaker, generally with several attachments such as wireless microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and more! Most portable PAs feature trolley handles and wheels, making them as portable and easy to carry as a suitcase.

To choose a befitting portable PA speaker, you must first understand the different sizes of Portable PA speakers available.

  • 8” Portable PA Systems – Small-scale events, such as sermons or protests, are well-suited to a PA of this size. Since an 8-inch speaker’s primary driver isn’t powerful enough to provide real frequency response, it is seldom utilized for playing music. The music played over an 8-inch speaker frequently sounds tinny or “thin”. 

If an 8-inch Portable PA speaker is your pick, JGA Electronics offers the following options-

  • JGA 8PA 32 – 8 Inch Active PA Speaker System, Compact and Portable DJ Speakers With Bluetooth MP3/SD/FM/Remote Control/Wired Microphone.
  • 10” Portable PA systems – These are better at playing music since the driver is large. In comparison to an 8″ speaker system, the 10-inch speakers have better sound clarity and are louder! The fact that they reproduce better music makes them better suited for larger gatherings. Large demonstrations, sermons, and outdoor events like announcements and background music are the primary applications for the 10” Portable PA system.

If a 10-inch Portable PA system is your pick, buy PA Speakers Online at JGA Electronics-

  • JGA 10PA 35-Active 10 Inch PA Speaker Compact & Portable Set With Remote Control, Bluetooth, FM Radio
  • JGA-510CL-10 Inch Subwoofer PA Speaker System – Portable Line-Array Column, All-In-One Speaker – Extra-Wide Sound Coverage
  • JGA 3010P- Active PA Speaker Pair 10″ Woofer With Tripod And Bluetooth
  • 12” Portable PA systems – In terms of mobility, power, and sound quality, 12” portable PA systems are the most popular. With a 12″ speaker, music will sound more “full-bodied” and louder. This kind of PA system is ideal for a variety of uses, including announcements and background music for fitness classes, quizzes, buskers, and outdoor events.

If a 12-inch Portable PA system is your pick, JGA Electronics offers the following options, buy portable pa speakers online-

  • JGA 3012P-12 Inch PA Speakers Systems Pair, Wired Microphone, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/SD/FM Radio/AUX INPUT. Speaker Stands, Remote Control.
  • JGA 12PA55-PA Speakers System, 12 Inch Powered Speakers 2-Way 1800W With A Tripod & Remove Control, Built-In MP3 SD FM Radio Bluetooth/Line-IN, 3.5mm INPUT.
  • 15” Portable PA systems – These are the largest portable PA systems that can handle bass-heavy music with ease, but there isn’t much of a difference in volume between them and their 12″ counterparts when it comes to volume levels. They are better at playing music outdoors than any previously mentioned version because they accomplish complete frequency replication.

If a 15-inch Portable PA system is your pick, JGA Electronics offers the following options-

  • JGA 4015P-PA Speakers System,15 Inch Speaker Pair With Bluetooth, Microphone, Speaker Stands And Cables.

Buy Portable PA speakers online at JGA Electronics 

Make your PA speaker purchase online at JGA Electronics, where you can find a variety of speakers, stands, and audio cables! We are a one-stop shop for Portable DJ speaker systems.

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