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Public Address Systems, better known as PA systems, are often taken for granted and unnoticed. A PA system is an electronic system that includes microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other related equipment. These systems are developed to ensure that no matter how soft or loud an individual’s voice is, it is heard without requiring to raise or lower their voice. In addition to this, the system goes unnoticed and stays aesthetically pleasing when voice blends into the environment. 

Currently, these systems have become a necessity, and therefore, require careful consideration while being installed to achieve the desired result. Since it comes in all shapes and sizes, it is important to understand which one will fit your needs and the benefits of acquiring one before you buy an All in one PA system-. 

The Types of PA system-

Point-source installed system

This type of PA system comprises mixers, digital signal processors, full-range stereo speakers and large subwoofers and can be utilised as per intent. A point-source installed system is extremely useful in reinforcing speech and music for indoor or outdoor venues. It can be found in public gathering areas, worship places, meeting rooms, athletic fields, live theatre and gymnasiums in schools. 

Distributed Sound system

Often referred to as distributed 70V or 100V systems, this type of PA system can utilise multiple ceiling mono-speakers that are connected with long speaker trunks. As it requires only one truck wire for large speakers, the distributed sound system is very flexible and cost-effective to install. It is customarily designed for vocal public address announcements but can also be used for background music in hallways or lobbies, mall highways as well. 

Portable Sound System

This system is portable in its design, which helps in easy setup and breakdown; thereby, making aesthetics secondary. It comprises a mixer amplifier, speakers mounted on tripods and wired or wireless microphones. Those who need a quick solution for pop-up events with a limited budget can buy portable PA speakers. These types of setups are mostly found in DJ events, community centres, fairs, wedding receptions and large business meetings.

Benefits of Purchasing a PA System

After you know the types of PA systems available, you must consider the benefits of purchasing a system. If you choose an All-in-one PA system, there are numerous advantages- 

  • An all-in-one PA system provides a painless way for Effective communication with team or clients
  • All-in-one PA systems make it easy to convey messages over large areas with music or voice announcements
  • PA Systems come into use for emergency announcements with automatic messaging.
  • These systems have features that allow integration into the phone system or IP network to increase flexibility. 

How can JGA electronics Help?

There is an array of portable speakers to choose from that may increase your confusion. However, you should keep the design, bass reproduction, power handling, and build quality in mind before purchasing an All in one PA system. However, if designs and budget concerns still confuse you, connect with JGA. AT JGA electronics, we offer various types of systems at different prices. Reach out to us to purchase one for your upcoming project today. 

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